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If you feel that SPIRIT is calling you to heal through The Sacred Healing Way under the care and guidance of SPIRIT led Medicine Woman, I would love the opportunity to learn more about you. Please take a moment to fill out the application form so that I can get to know where you’re at on your healing and spiritual journey.

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Mystical Micro Magic

Are you ready to dip your toes in the magical realms around you? Are you ready to cultivate a deep relationship with the Divine and doing so working in partnership with Sacred Plant SPIRIT Teachers?

The Mystical Micro Magick monthly membership is unlike any other membership! It’s not just micro dosing guidance but it’s a mentorship on how to cultivate a magickal lifestyle, remembrance of your soul’s purpose, and a true relationship with SPIRIT! 

It’s MMMMM Gooood!

You’re provided with manifestation practices, energy clearing and protection practices, opportunities to connect with mystical Divine spiritual guides and mystical beings such as faeries, dragons, mermaids, and more! You receive divinely channeled messages, real life guidance as obstacles arrive, distant shamanic reiki transmissions, and really whatever SPIRIT wants me to provide you with!

Sure, the mushrooms are magickal and ‘The Disciples’ bring great teachings, help remove blockages, rebuild neurons, and so much healing. However, without you putting forth the work to implement change in your life then nothing will change. That’s why you will hear people say, “I micro dosed and they didn’t do anything for me.” They most likely didn’t put in the work.

If you continue doing the same things, the same routine, then your life will remain the same. If you want to see, feel, experience change then you have to change! Your external is a reflection of your internal.

I not only offer my guidance and support for a safe, sacred, and effective micro dosing protocol; I am also providing you with sacred tools to assist you on navigating this divine journey towards your soul’s rebirth.

In this monthly micro dosing sacred container, you receive personal guidance and spiritual mentorship!

You can get started TODAY at $44

It’s a no brainer if you’re ready to begin creating the life of your dreams and developing a real relationship with SPIRIT! 

Think of me as your Faerie Godmother in your pocket!

This isn’t just a program where I simply tell you when and/or how much to take, you will be guided along on a spiritual journey and shown how to incorporate the divine messages received in your daily life!

Lift the Veil, Step Through the Portal, and Create Your Queen/King-dom!

What You Will Receive:

Sacred Healing Ceremonies

What are Sacred Sacraments?

In many indigenous cultures they were taught directly by SPIRIT how to heal themselves through what we have come to call The Sacred Healing Way. This did not consist of taking man made “medications”, having poor diets, and lack of physical exercise. It was a sacred lifestyle and divine connection with SPIRIT. They worked together as a village, a tribe, a family. When a member of their tribe fell ill physically, mentally, or spiritually they turned to SPIRIT and Plant SPIRIT Teachers during Sacred Ceremonies. These Plant SPIRIT Teachers are commonly known as Sacred Sacraments as well as Plant Medicines.

There are many different Sacred Sacraments that are also known as Entheogenic Plants or Master Plants. Let’s take a further look at the different Sacred Sacraments that they worked with and that more and more people in today’s time are finally getting a chance to learn about and work in partnership with, in order to heal themselves and awaken to the Divine within.

'Magick Mushrooms'

Psilocybin (aka Magick Mushrooms) has been used for centuries by our ancestors for physical, mental, and spiritual purposes. In recent years it has gained more attention as a legitimate health and wellness alternative. And though much of the focus has been on large dose (aka macrodose) experiences, research has provided evidence that have led individuals to seek a low dose (aka microdose) protocol that harnesses some of the benefits while still going on with your daily routine without eliciting an altered state of mind. 

In general, microdosing is a tool you can use to increase your awareness, maximize your healing, and take charge of your own life, but only with the proper dose and a relevant protocol.

magic mushrooms, psilocybin

Just a few benefits:


Ayahuasca, which is commonly called ‘the spirit vine’, ‘vine of the souls’, ‘Mother Aya’, or ‘Grandmother’, is a very powerful, healing tea that’s been brewed by combining two amazonian plants, the ayahuasca vine (banisteriopsis caapi) and chacruna leaves (psychotria viridis). This is done by those that have built a strong relationship with the spirit of Mother Aya which is usually the Medicine Man or Woman, Shaman, or Curandero. This person(s) pays special attention to every detail of the brewing process ensuring the space and brew remains sacred at all times. 

Individuals come to Ayahuasca for many different reasons as it’s a personal journey even if it’s taken place in a group setting; however, you can find those, like ourselves, that will host private ceremonies. Whatever the intention may be it’s all for your divine healing, your awakening! 

fire ceremony

Let’s look at some of the benefits of working with the Queen of all Plant SPIRIT Teachers. Ayahuasca is not just a mixture of plants, as with all things, she has her own individual spirit, the spirit of the mother, the Divine Feminine. Spiritually she helps you break down mental constructs, programs, and shows you what you need to remove in order to awaken to your own inner divinity and to the knowledge that we are all one. We are spiritual beings however we have simply forgotten since we live in a world that has mostly taken spirit out of it. It's up to us to remove blockages and awaken to SPIRIT that dwells within us all.


kambo frog medicine

The Amazonian Tree Frog, commonly known as Sapo or Kambo, is an amazing spirit ally that we are privileged to work with. This spirit teaches us to keep moving forward even when the circumstances are difficult, just as the frog is always leaping forward and never backwards! The story of how Kambo was discovered is just magical. It is said that the Paje, Medicine Man, or Shaman, of the Kaxinawa tribe in Brazil known as Kampum went out into the forest after consuming a sacred sacrament in discovery of a medicine to heal his village. He had a vision of a woman carrying the frog in her hand and then showing him exactly how to work with the frog’s milky secretion coming from the skin on its back to help cure his village. He took this knowledge back to the village with success!

Kambo is used to aid in many different ways and it’s legal here in the U.S. It works on a physical level as well as a spiritual level. Kambo is not a psychedelic however it does contain mild psychoactive properties. It is not a cure however, some ailments that Kambo has been known to aid Include drug and alcohol detoxification, anxiety and depression, high blood pressure, inflammation, diabetes, fertility issues, liver and kidney disease, as well as chronic pain. These are just a few ailments that Kambo can assist but there are many more. Kambo is also used to boost your immune system and we recommend on average that everyone should work with this medicine at least twice a year. Once during the spring and once during the fall. The medicine is very potent and fast acting, it’s full of biopeptides. The peptides in Kambo are completely natural, so the body recognizes them and unlocks cells to the benefits of the medicine without adding any additional stress to the cells. Tribe members would also work with this Sacred SPIRIT Teacher before going on hunts because its also known to remove negative energy, provide mental clarity, as well as provide heightened senses. 

kambo frog medicine

You may be wondering how the medicine is applied or what takes place during a Sacred Kambo Ceremony. The medicine itself works very fast and it’s not one of the most pleasant sacraments but the good thing is that the discomfort only lasts for about 20 - 30 minutes. It is recommended to fast 5 - 8 hours prior, only consuming very small amounts of water or herbal teas. 15 minutes prior to the application of the medicine you will be required to drink about 2 liters of water. Once you have consumed enough water, the facilitator, Medicine Man / Woman, or Shaman will burn 3 - 4 dots, known as gates, usually on the upper arm or ankle with an incense stick. The number of gates will be discussed prior to the application. He/She will then remove the very top layer of the skin that was burned, it is not deep and should not result in any bleeding. Once the gates are open, the dried frog secretion is then moistened lightly, scraped from the stick that it comes on, and then applied on top of the gates. 

kambo frog medicine

Once the medicine is applied it will act quickly. You may feel a wave of heat come over your body, you may feel your head throbbing, your body temperature may fluctuate from hot to cold back to hot again, you may experience cold sweats or shakes. Kambo is not a psychedelic but it is psychoactive and you could experience a feeling of being disconnected or receive visions or messages. Most people will purge through vomiting, some may experience diarrhea, as the medicine goes in deep, removing the old bile in the stomach, cleaning out your intestines of any toxicity that has been stored over the years. After your purge is completed or approximately 20 minutes, the medicine will be removed. At Spirit of Truth NAC we apply Dragon’s Blood on the gates to assist in sealing the skin. Dragon’s Blood is actually resin that comes from tropical trees that’s said to carry antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. 

kambo frog medicine

Depending on the intensity of your ceremony will determine how you’re feeling afterwards. Some people are really drained and may need to rest for the remainder of the day. Others may feel clear and energized. Either way you don’t want to have a busy schedule afterwards. Take time to be with yourself, spend time out in nature, meditate, journal, and just reflect on your experience and how you are feeling. The Medicine Man or Woman that you sit with should have special instructions that we would advise you to adhere to. .

Bufo Alvarius

Awaken SPIRIT Within

The Bufo Alvarius – also known as the Sonora Desert Toad – is a powerful Sacred SPIRIT Teacher that contains 5-MeO-DMT that has been used for centuries by indigenous cultures for spiritual and healing purposes. It is known for producing strong, short-lived visual, vibrational, and spiritual experiences. It is believed that it can facilitate personal growth and self-discovery. A Bufo ceremony is often reported as a life-altering experience.

One of the primary spiritual benefits of 5-MeO-DMT is its ability to induce a deep state of consciousness and introspection. Many people who have worked with the substance report having profound spiritual experiences, including feelings of unity and interconnectedness with the universe, encounters with divine or spiritual beings, and a sense of transcendence beyond the ego. These experiences can be deeply meaningful and transformative, and may help people to better understand their place in the world and their relationship with others.

In addition to inducing spiritual experiences, 5-MeO-DMT may also have other spiritual benefits. Some people report that the substance helps them to feel more grounded, centered, and present in the moment. It may also help people to let go of negative thought patterns and behaviors, and to develop a greater sense of compassion and understanding for themselves and others.

It’s important to note that the spiritual benefits of 5-MeO-DMT are highly subjective and may vary greatly from person to person. What one person experiences as a profound spiritual awakening may be meaningless or even disturbing to another. It is also worth noting that 5-MeO-DMT is a powerful and potentially risky substance, and it is not appropriate or safe for everyone. It is important to carefully consider the potential risks and benefits before deciding to work with this sacred SPIRIT teacher, and to give the utmost respect when deciding to work with it.

Sacred Tobacco


You may have seen this plant being used in rituals in documentaries or movies and not know exactly what was taking place or that they were working with tobacco. Tobacco has gotten a bad reputation since it became misused, abused, and chemicals added to it here in the states decades ago producing cigarettes. However, the tobacco plant, grown in the Amazon which is Nicotiana rustica or Mapacho, itself carries many beneficial medicinal and spiritual properties unlike the tobacco plant Nicotiana tabacum, that’s grown in the states. The plant itself is an incredibly powerful healing spirit. .

sacred tobacco, shamanic snuff

The indigenous tribes would use the tobacco leaves to make a tea that would be used against intestinal worms, as a laxative, for fainting and dizziness, as well as for headaches. Tobacco leaves are an antiseptic so they were commonly applied to cuts to stop bleeding, help with insect stings, and burns. Tribes would also dry out the leaves and roll them up similar to how cigars or cigarettes are rolled. The Medicine Man or Woman, Shaman, Curandero, or Tabaquero of the tribe would smoke the Mapacho during Sacred Ceremonies or Rituals to clear out any negative or evil spirits, to protect the space, and to visualize or receive messages from the tobacco plant. 

Another common form that is seen used in ritual or ceremonial space is Hape (pronounced ha-peh). In this form the tobacco leaves are crushed up into a powdered snuff and combined with other medicinal plants grown in the Amazon. In this form you would place a dime amount in the palm of your hand and scoop it up with a special tool called a Karipe. You would then administer it by gently blowing equal amounts in each nostril. If you are not experienced in this type of practice, which most in the Western culture are not, the Medicine Man/Woman would use a tool known as a Tepe, to gently blow it up each nostril. The initial feeling is not a pleasant one. It stings, gives you the same feeling that of water going up your nose however, the benefits that are received are worth the short period of uncomfortability. It helps clear the nasal pathway, clearing out any parasites, it helps decalcify the pineal gland, it removes negative energy, assists in grounding your energy and bringing you to the present moment. It’s great to use prior to meditation due to how it brings about clarity and calms the mind from outside racing thoughts. 

sacred snuff

Mapacho, in whichever form you work with it in, is very powerful. It is also used to enhance the senses, boost positive energy, opening the mind and body to higher communication and holistic thinking, as well as inducing visions and connections with the inner self and surroundings. At Spirit of Truth NAC we start all of our Sacred Ceremonies with Hape to help our guests begin the cleansing, the removal of what’s no longer serving them. We also use it in conjunction with Kambo and Ayahuasca to either help induce a purge, to help send them deeper into a journey, or to pull them out if they’re feeling “stuck”. So as you can see there’s many benefits to working with this Sacred Sacrament. 

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