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Guidance Through Your Awakening!

6 Weeks of Preparation Guidance ~ Private Sacred Ceremony ~ 4 Weeks of Integration Support

Support and Guidance along the path of your Rebirthing Journey!

The Journey Begins...

Do you feel lost and confused in the world around you? Are you feeling disconnected from your ancestral roots, your HIGHEST self, SPIRIT? Do you feel lost on your path but know that you’re meant for something more? If you are feeling the pull to make a change in your life, that thirst for more universal knowledge, Divine connection we’re here to guide you along the path toward your REBIRTH!

This path is not for the light hearted, it’s not the “easy” way. It’s the narrow way, the sacred way! Many are called, only few are chosen!

My best friend, my healing partner, my Twin Flame and I have come together to fulfill a mission.

The mission to Awaken The World

We have heard the message loud and clear that it’s time to awaken our brothers and sisters and guide them back home to themselves, to their Divine Mother and Father, to SPIRIT. We have been brought together so that our lights combined can begin to relight the campfires of SPIRIT tribes all over!

Divine Healing Awaits

When you commit to working with us, you are making a commitment to yourself to heal your Body, Mind, and Soul. You’re welcoming yourself home.

We have an acquired combined 20+ years on our path and have overcome many challenges to get us where we are today. We have learned through our experiences that we have created every aspect of our lives before we were even born, all to bring us to our awakening. We all play a very special and valuable role in each of the lives that we come in contact with. Nothing is ever by chance, we designed it. However due to years and years of programming and conditioning we have forgotten who we are, where we came from. You are being called home to your roots, to where it all began. You must be willing to let go. Release all attachments. You have to release who you thought you were, shed your skin in order to be reborn. In order to be reborn in SPIRIT we must choose to descend down below the surface. We must take a journey through the underworld, into the unknown, into the womb of creation.

With our guidance and the celestial, Divine gifted tools, you will be able to:

Most of our challenges that we overcame we had to do so with no guidance, no explanation of what in the world was happening to us internally. Through years of training, researching, undergoing our own personal trials and tribulations we have cultivated Navigate The Journey program. Through the program you will not only feel prepared for The Sacred Healing Way Ceremony working with Sacred Sacraments that our ancestors have worked with for thousands of years, if you choose to join, but you’ll be given the knowledge and tools to transform, create your sacred life, and be prepared for challenges that arise during your awakening, your rebirthing journey. For those that are being called to connect back to their Native roots and travel further along the healer, Medicine Man or Woman path we will also guide you in receiving your Spiritual Adoption through the SPIRIT of Truth Native American Church. Our goal is to awaken our fellow brothers and sisters, build community, reunite as one, as SPIRIT.

The Time to Transform Your Life is NOW.

Learn how to embrace the gifts provided to us by our Divine Mother & Father, and heal your Body, Mind, and Soul! Those participating in The Prepare For The Journey program are also invited to take their healing further and join us in SPIRIT of Truth NAC Sacred Sacrament Ceremonies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the amount of time and energy that we put into your transformation this program is nonrefundable

Yes, this program is completely virtual! Any live gatherings will also be recorded so that you can watch whenever is convenient for you. 

Yes, you can join us at any time. Getting started is the most important step!

Yes, you can cancel your monthly payment anytime.

Any Questions?

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