A Whole New Life

Discover the Divine Creator Within

Hello, I'm Lauren.

All my life I've been intrigued with a different way of living. I've longed to understand and connect with something greater than myself. I've questioned when others wouldn't dare. I'm now ready to step into my role as a leader, a healer. a lightworker. I'm ready to touch as many souls as possible.

Healing Through Divine Energy

Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body's subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body's inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.

1:1 DBL Coaching

Transform Into Your Highest Self

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For Individuals

1:1 Transformational Life Coaching

Find your passion, what lights you up, your Dharma, and your life purpose! Dig deep within, heal open wounds, connect with your highest self, connect & flow with universal, Divine Energy.

For Expecting Mothers

Transformational Birthing

This program is for expecting mothers that are looking forward to a natural, holistic birthing and healing journey. Receive the knowledge & confidence to birth your child your way!

Online Course
For Postpartum Care

Looking for guidance on how to journey through your postpartum phase in pure bliss, bond with your new baby, and transform into the mother and woman you want to be? This program is for you!

DBL Magical

We offer a variety of magical health & wellness workshops to assist in your universal connection. Learn how to incorporate Crystals in your every day life, how to understand yourself through Astrology, balance your Chakras, Meditation for beginners, and how to work with the Moon phases to create your Dream Life!

Coming Soon!


We are preparing our podcast channel where we discuss all about holistic, spiritual, natural living. Stay tuned!

Boost Your Healing with Magical Items

Buy Healing Crystals, Seven Chakra Incense, and more. Visit Our Mystical Showroom!

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