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Birthing Me

Postpartum Care

The First Six Weeks

The Fourth Trimester

The first 6 weeks of your life as a mother is so fragile, and important that you are gentle with yourself. This program is going to give you those fundamental blocks to set you up for a blissful fourth trimester and beyond! In this program we don’t only focus on your physical healing but we focus on your mental, energetic, and emotional healing!

What You'll Learn

Everyone focuses on the pregnancy and the birth, but what comes next can affect you and your child’s entire life! I’ve created this program so that you can start Day 1 on the right path of your healing journey; emerging into a new, radiant, strong, and confident mother. Everything is online at your fingertips so that you can work through the program at your and your baby’s schedules.

Postpartum healing isn’t just physical and it isn’t all about adjusting to your new bundle of joy. It’s about finding balance. It’s about rediscovering who you are and what you truly need at the same time you’re nourishing your newborn baby.

What's in it?

Be the Mother and Woman You Want to Be.

Let me help your postpartum
be Full of Bliss.

If you are looking for guidance on how to journey through your postpartum phase in pure bliss, bond with your new baby, and transform into the mother and woman you want to be, this program is for you! Don’t let this sacred window close, take action towards your postpartum health now!

“When a child is born, so is the mother.”

Birthing Me isn’t just another program to tell you how much or how often to feed your baby, how much sleep he or she should be getting, or when they should be going to sleep. When a child is born, so is the mother. This program is for YOU, a new mother, that needs healing physically, mentally, & spiritually through holistic, ancient practices.

Lauren Rodriguez

How can i join?

If you’d like to take a look at the syllabus and register for the course, click the link below. You will be guided on how to sign up and you’ll have immediate access to the course once purchased. I  suggest staying in your postpartum week and going through the classes in order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the amount of time, energy, and research that Lauren puts into this program it is nonrefundable

No, this course is online only. However, there may be Workshops and/or Virtual Classes. Please join DBL’s newsletter and follow us on social media.

Yes, it’s never too early to prepare for your postpartum journey. It is created for the mother in the first six weeks of her postpartum period; however the information would benefit any mother in the early months of motherhood.

Any Questions?

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