Astrology 101

We are all connected

Discover the Universe Within You

The placement of the moon, stars, and planets are so magical. It’s as if they’re a message from the Divine. They’re so powerful, influencing every cell within our body. When you were born it was a significant day. Discover the message the universe has waiting for you. 

What is this program about?

If you’re just dipping your toes in Astrology you will love this workshop!

Most everyone knows what their Sun Sign is, but do you know what your Moon Sign is? How about your Ascendant, also known as your Rising Sign? And what all do they mean???

We are made of ALL 12 zodiac signs but are mostly influenced by 3. Find out what yours are and what they mean for you!  What makes you do some of the things that you do? How do you recharge? How do you gather inspiration? 

What's in it?

Gather with other like minded souls, get comfy with holistic herbal beverages, light healthy refreshments, and get to know yourself on an universal level. 

You will receive your birth chart that shows you exactly where the planets and astrological signs were lined up at the exact moment that you were born, and together we’ll  discover your three major influencing zodiac signs, interesting planet placements, and how to use this knowledge. 

"I very much enjoyed the meditation for beginner. I was quite informative, Lauren was very warm and welcoming. It was a very relaxing event."
Stacy Johnson

How can i join?

You can easily register via our website whenever it’s open. Stay up to date with the latest events and news by following DBL’s Facebook Page or subscribing to our Newsletter.

What is A Private Workshop?

Aside from workshops for the public, we also offer a private group workshop for your own group of people or a one-on-one session just for you. For example, you can gather a couple of your friends to join this program together or ask for a one-on-one session for your own progression.

Any Questions?

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