New Moon Manifestation

Create the life you dream of

Life Is Full Of Phases and Transitions.

We have been given all of the tools that we need to design our life as we want it. It’s up to us how we use them.

Does working with the moon intrigue you? Are you curious to how astrology & the moon affect the world around us? Do crystals bring you joy? Is there a goal that you are wanting to accomplish? A seed that you want to plant? A dream that you want to turn into your reality?

It could be personal, business, or both. The divine creator is within each of us and our universe is a magical world to live in. Learn to use the tools provided in order to live in sync with our beautiful Gaia, Mother Earth, then you will hold the key to her secret Divine garden.

Who's this for?

Anyone that is ready to take charge of their life, who feels that there is something more to life than the everyday hustle and bustle, this is where you start. If you have seeds that need planting and If you’re open and ready to work with the universe in order to achieve your goals and dreams, this workshop will get you on the right path.

What's in it?

You’ll learn the tools you need to start working with the Universe to manifest the life you want to live!

** We sometimes team up with other specialists to bring you the most magical experience. To see the details of the workshop on your select day, please check out our Facebook Page. 

What They Say

I really enjoyed the whole session, the sage and palo santo smudging, the actual healing part with the laying on of hands I felt really peaceful, and I must say I have slept really good the last two nights, even my husband noticed that I fell asleep before him, and that never happens also seems like I have been less anxious. I can't wait until my next session!

Dody N.

I loved how easy the process was, how I immediately felt safe and trusted Lauren. I feel amazing after my session.

Autumn H.

The session was very relaxing and Lauren is so down to earth. I felt very comfortable there. Thank you Lauren!!

McKenzie C.

Love the atmosphere. So easy to talk too, and I left feeling a lot lighter and grounded than when I arrived! I can't wait for my next one!

Janie J.

"I'm very interested in the moon/planets and the effects they have on our moods ect. Very interested in the astrology signs as well. I really enjoyed it. "
Cindy W.

How can i join?

You can easily register via our website whenever it’s open. Stay up to date with the latest events and news by following DBL’s Facebook Page or subscribing to our Newsletter.

What is a Private Workshop?

Aside from workshops for the public, we also offer a private group workshop for your own group of people or a one-on-one session just for you. For example, you can gather a couple of your friends to join this program together or ask for a one-on-one session for your own goal setting and manifestation.

Any Questions?

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