Connecting With Your Spirit Animal

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What is a Spirit Animal?

Everyone has a Spirit Animal. Our spirit animal acts as a guide, a guardian, a helper in the spiritual realm by giving us wisdom and strength. He or she chose us at birth. We all have one main one, however we may experience multiple Spirit Animals throughout our life. Some may even come and go. It all depends on what is currently happening in our lives and what we need in order to progress through to the next phase. However, we will always have our main one that connected with us at birth. 

Your Spirit Animal does not have to be an existing creature, it may not even be an animal. It could very well be an insect or a mythical creature – however I believe mythical creatures have a lot of truths to them but have been hidden from us for some reasons that we’re not going to get into in this blog. Your Spirit Animal can even be a creature that is extinct. There are no bad Spirit Animals, one is not better than the other. They are all unique and special in their own way. 

Some people feel and teach that you should not share what your Spirit Animal is. I believe that is a personal choice and something that you and your spirit animal decide upon together, or maybe your spirit animal simply says NO.

Once you discover what your Spirit Animal is before searching the meaning of that particular animal online, I suggest taking the time to communicate directly with it. Take the information that you already know of it and reflect on how it fits in your life. There are so many definitions out there and a lot are different from each other. 

Your Spirit Animal could be male or female however I personally feel that it’s gender neutral. It shows up as what energy you need the most. If you need more masculine it shows up in male form, if you need more feminine it shows up in female form. However, you can decide this for yourself. I don’t feel there is a wrong answer here. 

Also, your Spirit Animal is not just an individual but the entire species of that particular creature. For example, if your Spirit Animal is an owl, you do not receive only the energy from a single owl but from ALL owls! Now that’s powerful!

How do you find out what your Spirit Animal is and how do you connect with it?

Sometimes it may be easy to figure out. It could be an animal that you’ve been drawn to your entire life. That every time you come around that animal it follows you around, sometimes it may be a bit more difficult. It could even be an animal you have rejected, constantly pushing away, maybe even shown anger towards. This usually happens when we are having an internal battle and are fighting against our very nature, our highest self. 

Take a moment to reflect on what creatures are constantly showing up in your life. This could be physically, in photos, statues, movies, or dreams. What creature brings up a strong emotion within you?

Now after reflecting on these questions, sit in front of your altar, if you do not have one find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Light a candle, some incense, or burn some sage. Whichever feels most comfortable to you. Quiet your mind, begin to focus on your breath, and simply ask for your spirit animal to introduce itself to you. 

Lastly when you go to sleep focus on your intent of meeting your Spirit Animal. Open your heart to it, make it feel welcomed, ask for it to show up and show out! Sometimes it may quickly appear, other times it may take repeating these steps multiple days in a row. You may begin to see a particular creature throughout your day in various ways. Pay close attention to what pops up and most importantly the feelings you have towards it. I would suggest keeping a journal or notepad nearby to quickly write down anything that comes up. 

My Encounter with my Spirit Animal  

I had a difficult time because I felt a connection with many different animals. I am a huge animal lover and thinking back some of them probably were my guides during different periods of my life seeing how they do come and go. However, I wasn’t aware of Spirit Animals for most of my life. I just wasn’t raised to believe in them and had to do a lot of learning independently. Also, the one that continued to come up during my meditations wasn’t a “real” creature but a “mythical” one. I thought, “That couldn’t be, because it doesn’t actually exist.” One night before going to sleep, I did a simple prayer asking for it to introduce itself and leave no room for doubt. That night I had a dream – actually more of a flashback of when I was a little girl, my parents and I had been in a car accident. Somehow a bus had hit us, and we were standing on the side of the road and the bus was on fire. I saw this big, beautiful Dragon blowing flames toward the bus. I had always remembered this and as a little girl I was frightened by the Dragon. However, in my dream the Dragon looked at me and said, “It is I.” It then continued blowing flames at the bus and I then realized that it was protecting me, trying to keep the bus from me, and I felt safe. I then knew that Dragon was my Spirit Animal. My entire life I have loved dragons. I watched any movie that included dragons, I had even gotten a tattoo of a dragon on my back years prior. I have now seen Dragon in many ways and in many scenarios. When I feel weak, scared, or need an extra push I call on it. Sometimes it shows up very soft and feminine, other times it shows up very fierce and masculine. It all depends on the situation and what I need. I currently have two additional Spirit Animals. The Black Jaguar and the White Python. They are very helpful in my life currently and have also shown up in many miraculous ways. 

I would love to hear what comes up for you! If you need additional support, please reach out. Reiki energy is very powerful and can help with achieving many different goals such as connecting with your Spirit Animal, balancing your chakras, healing past traumas in your current life and past lives, as well as manifestation. I am offering in person as well as distant sessions. I also have coaching packages that I customize to fit my clients’ specific needs. Visit me at Divine Bliss Living for more information.

Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies

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Where Can I Attend A Ceremony?

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  1. Can I simply say what a comfort to find someone that actually understands what theyre discussing on the net. You actually realize how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More and more people really need to read this and understand this side of your story. I was surprised that youre not more popular since you definitely possess the gift.

    1. Lauren Rodriguez

      I’m so happy to hear that you received great insights from my blog. Thank you so much for your comment. Confirms that I’m on my path. I’m slowly coming out of my shell and beginning to share the wisdom that Spirit has blessed me with over the years in hopes that it could be used as guidance to others on their own Divine path.

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