Focus On Your Blessings

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Life isn’t about everything going the way you think it should go. It isn’t about you getting everything you think you want.

Everyone goes through ups and downs. It’s the process of riding those waves, navigating the dark waters, climbing the mountains, clawing our way out of the dark hole that makes us stronger and introduces us to our highest self!

Focusing on what isn’t going right only keeps you in that vibration, attracting more of what you don’t want. Instead acknowledge what isn’t going your way, understand that we all have lessons to learn and paths to take, and turn your focus towards what is going right… what do you want to FEEL more of? 

Typically when everything is going in our favor we celebrate, we rejoice. However, when things decide to take a turn for the worse typically we forget about all of the good. We forget about the treasures that are found in the darkness. Creation begins in darkness. When we feel that we are in darkness we should celebrate, rejoice even louder! Because we are being molded, strengthened, creation is happening! What’s being asked of you? Where’s the lesson in this situation? How are you being asked to show up? What’s the lesson here?

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Focusing on what you already have, feeling gratitude for everything good in your life will increase your vibration and send out to the universe little signals stating “I’m ready to receive more of that!” The universe will then match your vibration and rain down upon you all that you ask for!

We have Divine unseen forces, you may call them guides, I simply say SPIRIT; working all around us going to battle for us. Sometimes our lives have to be shaken up a bit to wake us the fuq up and get shitt that’s holding us back removed, it doesn’t always feel great or look pretty.

However, keep your focus on the gold and know there’s a Divine purpose for everything.

If you’re feeling lost on your path and need guidance you don’t have to take this journey alone. Working with a Spiritual Doula, Reiki Master, Transformational Life Coach such as myself will help guide you on your way. Sitting in Sacred Ceremonies with Sacred Sacraments such as Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, Kambo, or Bufo is also something worth exploring. 

You’re the creator of your reality! It’s time to awaken to the SPIRIT that dwells within. 

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